Website, Cloud-Web App Design & Development

I have expertise in website design and development, as well as cloud application design and deployment. I use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure your website or web app is fast, secure, and responsive. I have relevant, but limited knowledge and experience in SEO and GDPR.

Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI

I have scientific background in sociology, where I learned analytical and statistical skills, the fundamentals of machine learning and AI. I can use these skills to improve the outcome of your project.
For example to

  • analyse your data and provide insights.
  • optimise your project processes and workflows
  • implement AI and machine learning solutions.


I have experience working with small and medium-sized businesses to optimize their IT architecture. I can help you with consulting, planning, and implementing tech solutions that suit your business goals and budget.

Located in Malta

As an immigrant from the EU in Malta, I have a special interest in supporting local businesses and developing low maintenance solutions. I understand the challenges and opportunities that Maltese businesses face in the digital age, and I want to help them grow and thrive. Hence, I offer fixed-price services that are ideal for small businesses.